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Concert Dress Check and Group Photos November 6

Just a reminder that we will have a concert dress check at our rehearsal on Thursday, November 6th.

Individual and group pictures will be taken that day, so musicians need to come to the rehearsal in full concert dress including shoes and socks.

Please refer to your Handbook under Concert Attire to make sure your musician has all that is required.  Check with Kristie Dulaney at one of the rehearsals in the next few weeks if you have any questions.

Outgrown Concert Attire?

In the past we have made donated concert attire available for purchase for a small fee when available.  Currently, we do not have any items, so if you have concert attire that your musician has outgrown, consider donating it.  Bring any donations to the rehearsal this coming Thursday, October 23rd, and we will make all donated performance attire available at the October 30th rehearsal.


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